The conference: Psychological Assessment Brno

The 4rd year | 23.–24. November 2017 | Masaryk University, Brno, Czech Republic

Updated July 5, 2017: The 4th biennal conference meeting is currently being prepared to take place in Brno on November 23-24, 2017. Pre-conference workshops will be held on November 22nd. More information will be published here soon.

Year 2015

Psychologické testy

The conference is organized by Department of Psychology at Faculty of Social Studies at Masaryk University and Institute for Research of Children, Youth and Family in cooperation with National Institute for Education, Department of Psychology at Faculty of Arts at Masaryk University and Department of Psychology at Faculty of Arts at Palacký University.

Scope of the conference

Conference focus

Our conference this year will focus mainly on current practical issues of psychological assessment and testing in Czech (and Slovak) psychology. We welcome conference papers focused on current urgent problems and issues that bother us in the area of psychological assessment and testing. We wish to discuss these topics even with the risk that it is difficult to find a solution.

In line with this aim, we would like to discuss the implementation of elements which are already known for some time, but not very well-established in our local practice and theory. We welcome contributions representing new diagnostic procedures, application methods and tests from the Czech Republic.

Papers can also focus on people who work with these tools, i.e. psychologists and other experts - their education, training or supervision. Along with them, we want to talk about the developers of tests and clients, and especially about the interaction of these groups. We want to discuss psychological assessment "here and now".

This year's conference is dedicated to our colleague and teacher prof. Vladimir Smékal.


The conference will (in addition to several plenary contributions) consist primarily of a series of thematic sections. A section comprises approximately 4-5 contributions that address a common question or a problem in the context of current psychological assessment. Each section will be followed by a moderated discussion, which could lead to finding a solution of presented problem.

In addition to the plenary lectures and thematic sections we also welcome contributions in the form of posters.

On the day preceding the conference (October 21) several paid workshops focused on the topic of psychological assessment will take place.


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